The Hero is You

I recently had the joy of celebrating another year in this planet.  I have to say, even with all the loss, it has been a wonderful year. I have said goodbye to two creatures I deeply loved and this reminded me that life is now.  Every day IS an opportunity to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.  Yes there are obstacles, confusion, heartbreak and pain, but there is also opportunity.  You are the protagonist, hero or victim, it’s all up to us.  I choose hero on this adventure.

I am not much into New Year’s resolutions but this year I promised myself I would take care of me.  It wasn’t a challenge, it was a reminder.  A reminder that life is what we make it and that I wanted to make mine the best for me and my kids.  I want my children to feel and be the best they can be.  That means I have to feel and be the best I can be.  Lead by example right?

So I have made changes.  Slowly but surely I have taken the steps to a more radiant me.  Today I can say I am happy in my skin and it shows.  You might be thinking I am bragging.  I’m not.  Like you I am human.  Some turns take me to a dark alley and some to fields of gold.  I don’t always make the best choices,but I am working on it.  Every day I open my eyes and am able to move and live I am working on it.  I have decided to see the best and worst in me and cultivate only the best.  And every day I look at myself and think, girl you are awesome (this helps:).

We are all different and our paths are like our DNA.  So I just want to say, rejoice!  Unlike it was thought of in the past, our DNA is constantly changing!  That is correct, our DNA adjust to the information it receives from us. So if every  building block in our body can make changes, so can we.

The changes or choices we make will be unique to each one of us and that is something we have to figure out.  I have lots of tips that can help, that’s what this blog is about.  Today I will give you one, be the hero.  Look at yourself and see your worth.  To become a hero the first and most crucial step is to acknowledge that you are indeed, not only capable of, worth greatness.

Now go kiss yourself, you’re so pretty 🙂 !



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