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Hello to all.  It has been a while.  Towards the end of December the site was down for technical reasons.  I tried and tried to fix it but it just wouldn’t  budge.  Alas this morning without me doing anything at all it started working again.  So a friendly reminder from wordpress that sometimes you just have to let go for things to get fixed.  Lessons are everywhere…

I also just got back from a family trip to Puerto Rico.  It was a wonderful trip and I was sad to leave.  Trading those warm, sunny, beach days for the cold, snowy daily grind is no piece of cake :).  But I am happy to be back home and start being more mindful of my eating 🙂  Yes my body needs a vacation from my vacation.  It’s cold here so I will be filling my cups with warm broths, healing teas and warm lemon water.  I am determined to restore my body’s nutrient reserves and kick this winters b-hind with lots of energy and joy.

In order to stay motivated and on track I will be sharing my daily ideas to stay healthy and nurtured.  One little step at a time I always say.  So let’s focus on the good stuff we can add to our day instead of the nasty stuff we need to remove.

Today I am starting by adding one serving of home-made green juice to my diet.  The reason I am a fan of green juices (home-made) is because they are a great source of nutrients and very easy to include in our diet.  It’s a way to add more raw vegetables into our diet and if you use a masticating juicer you will also be getting the benefit of enzymes that aid in the absorption of nutrients.  They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and chlorophyl, all very good stuff.  And they can help you boost your vegetable consumption.  Today I am making a  juice that can be very helpful to help your body detox.

Here is my recipe:


A handful of chopped kale

One small apple ( green would be preferable )

About a cup of green cabbage

Half a lemon

Hope you can enjoy one of this super healthy potions today!  Cheers!




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