This one is for you

I almost forgot, but I remembered.  It is day 10 of gratitude!


It is late, I just put the kids to bed, put a couple dozen loads of laundry in, cleaned up the kitchen, made some popcorn and I just sat down. I am looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for the next hour. But before I drift into mindless t.v. programing I wanted to say thank you.

Thank all of you that follow my blog! Thank you for listening to me and my ignorant wisdom 🙂  Thank you for sharing a little bit of your day with me.  Thank you all for helping me create a community of support and love.

Now, don’t forget to thank yourself for doing your best to be your best, every day.

On day 10 of gratitude, I am grateful for you.  We are all connected and that is something to celebrate.  Cheers!



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