PJ’s all day kind of day

This is my life right now, and it is not even 2pm!

IMG_0319   IMG_0317

IMG_0314  IMG_0315

No, this is not the mess from yesterday, this is brand new.  I can’t complain, I am still in my pj’s and I don’t have any plans of changing.  Also I am sipping on a little bit of wine as I write this, don’t judge.

Being an adult gets such a bad wrap, but honestly I rejoice in the possibilities of adulthood.  Because I am an adult I can look at the big mess I have made and decide I don’t want to clean it right now.  I can decide to skip the shower and wear my pj’s until tomorrow.  And I can do pretty much what ever I want, within reason.

I know as a child you get to experience the world without too much responsibility but as an adult you get to be in charge of your life.  I know  sometimes it might feel like you don’t have much of a choice in things, but trust me you do.  Within all our responsibilities we can choose how to fulfill them.  We can choose how to live our lives and how to spend our days. If you can not see that you might be stuck in Neverland, I’m just saying. Of course I would never advice to give up our inner child, but embracing adulthood is empowering.

So today instead of complaining about all the things I have to do as an adult I am grateful to have made it into adulthood.  I am going to give my inner child a big hug and I am going to pat the adult me in the back and say:”good job!”.

Today I am grateful for being a grown up who hasn’t forgotten what it is like to be a child.  I am thankful for all the freedom and opportunities in my life.   I am grateful for all the difficulties that have made me big and strong.

I invite you to embrace adulthood, to celebrate yourself for all you have accomplished.  I advice you to recognize your struggles and move on to something better.  And I would like to remind you that being a grown up is not a punishment, it is a privilege.





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