Did you know that, when you where a kid?



“Do you think coyotes sound like a chicken or a wolf? They sound like a wolf.  Did you know that, when you where a kid, like me?” said Lucas this morning on our way to school.  “I don’t think I knew about coyotes when I was a kid, like you.”  I replied.  Lucas continued to explain to me how wolves and coyotes make the same sound. “Awwoooooo!!!! That is how the wolf goes.  Awwoooooo!!!! That is how the coyote goes. And that is why they are friends.”  Marcos joined in the awwoooing and what followed was a serenade of howling all the way to school.

As I think of this I can’t help but smile. It made me think of how curious, brave, imaginative, creative and kind kids can be (remember I am a glass half full kind of girl).  It made me understand it is in our nature to be kind and creative.  It is not in our nature to be destructive and cruel.  It is possible that our circumstances could make us question our innate inclinations.  It is unavoidable to get lost sometimes.  But the strong and determined will always find their way back to kindness and creation.

Listening to my children is a constant reminder of that.  No matter how lost, scared or confused we can always rely on kindness to pull us through.  While we can not always count on the kindness of others, we can always rely on ourselves.  Being kind to ourselves is the first step into a happy life.  Do you remember that, from when you were a kid?

On day two of gratitude,  I am grateful for children.  I am grateful for their lessons about a life we might have forgotten.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to create every day.

To children, may they always be loved, may their hearts be full of kindness.  Listen to your inner child and be kind to yourself and others.  Create the life you want for yourself and those you love.  Surround yourself with a little innocence and a lot of wonder.  Let your true nature always shine through, no matter what.



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