A better PB&Jelly

Today I was thinking about the little things we can do to improve our lives. Smiling more, relaxing my shoulders, drinking more water, walking more and sitting less.  It’s the small changes we make on a daily basis that have the greatest impact in our health.

While making Lucas a peanut butter sandwich it occurred to me I could improve it, with a little twist.  Here is the easy and healthier alternative to the famous PB and jelly.

The new and improved pb&honey

The new and improved pb&honey

Use whole wheat bread. When choosing bread I always check how much sugar is in it and, honestly, how it looks.  The further it looks from a brown version of wonder bread the better.  Test your bread, the longer the shelf life the worst it is for you.  My bread usually goes bad after about 4 days unless I refrigerate it.  Most of the time (cultured foods excluded) super long shelf life is an indicator of high processing.

Use peanut butter with one ingredient on it, peanuts.

Instead of jelly use a little bit of raw honey (not the kind that comes in a little plastic bear). Raw honey has lots of vitamins, minerals plus antibacterial and antioxidant power.

Sprinkle with chia seeds for extra antioxidant power.

That’s all folks.

A small change that can improve your health and your children’s.  By the way, Lucas loved the new version.  Mission accomplished for the day :).



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