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We all want beauty.  I am not talking about that “cover girl”  ideal of beauty.  I am talking about kindness, love, synergy, balance and health.  Creating beauty in ourselves is the result or our day-to-day actions.  Beauty is an achievement.  So mind your behavior and earn it, step by step.  Of course becoming a loving generous soul is a big part of the path to beauty.  But  today I would like to talk about food and how it creates beauty in us.

If you could eat yourself beautiful, would you?  Good news, you can.  Healthy skin, hair and weight are waiting for you at your kitchen.

If you want to eat for beauty you have to understand the importance of balance in your body.  Ideally our eating habits would help us maintain an acid/alkaline balance in our body.  Unfortunately in our fast food nation our diets tend to lean towards the acid.  According to the book Eating for Beauty: “Acidity is the underlying cause of all the aliments that mar beauty.  Acidity creates inflammation, puffiness, asymmetry, and construction of the tissues.”

You can check your ph levels with testing strips.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to see where you stand in a very basic level.  The ph balance goes from extremely acid at 0.0 to too alkaline at 14.00.  So 7.0 would be the right balance.  Also you could notice the following symptoms:

Too Acidic

Muscle tension

Stress headaches

Anger/short temper

Coffee or cigarette addiction

Itchy skin



Too Alkaline


Lack of drive

Lack of focus

Feeling too cold



For most of us in order to regain a balanced PH we would need to consume more alkaline foods such as leafy greens and less acidic ones like meats and sugars.  You can find an extensive list of the types of food that are alkaline and acidic here.

Once you restore balance in your body you are likely to see improvement in your “beauty” and health.

Then you can begin to focus on including more beautifying foods to your diet.  These foods can be described as either alkaline, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory  and/or  have high amounts of minerals like sulfur, silicon, zinc, iron and manganese. Here are a few of the ones that raw food expert, David Wolfe, recommends :

Aloe Vera


Coconut Oil






Pumpkin Seeds

For a complete list and how to use them you might want to check out the book “Eating for Beauty”.


Well, I guess I’ll be heading to the grocery store soon to stock up on some of these health and beauty foods. Hope next time I see you, we are more beautiful. 🙂




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