The blissful challenge



What is bliss?  According to the  Vimuttimagga (ancient Buddhist meditation manual, also known as the path of freedom), bliss is contact with the lovable and ease-giving.  It is brought on upon tranquility.  Tranquility of the mind is bliss.  When I look at my kids sometimes I can feel bliss.  And if I allow myself to be part of their world, then I can certainly experience bliss.  Just another one of the perks of being a mom :).  Experiencing bliss is like an instant vacation with all the perks and non of the stress.  And who doesn’t want a vacation?!

Unfortunately being in bliss is not a daily occurrence for most of us. 

I recognize it is easy to get carried away with the mundane on a regular basis.  Too many chores, too much noise, too many expectations, too many words.  Our environment can be, well , just too much.  We are so tangled in our own web of “too much” we can’t even see what is what.  I encourage you to stop for a second and ask yourself when was the last time you experienced bliss.  If the answer is more than a day, then it is too long.  A life without bliss is an absent one.

It is possible that if we allowed ourselves the kindness of practicing mindfulness we would be able to live in bliss more often.  It is possible  that by loving ourselves with the intention of sharing that love with others we could live a mindful life.  For most of us that is an active effort, but one worth making.    

Today I invite you to examine your day-to-day.  I invite you sit in silence and just breathe for five minutes.  Don’t expect anything, don’t analyze.  Don’t make to-do lists in your head and don’t reprimand yourself for making a to-do list in your head :).  Just do nothing for five minutes today.   If you don’t have five minutes then you should do ten 🙂 .   You deserve five minutes of blissful silence that might lead you to bliss.

I challenge you to do this every day for a week.  Hopefully by then you will feel worthy of such pampering and treat yourself to bliss on a regular basis.

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