Hurray for Mondays :)


Make a splash every day!

Make a splash every day!


I know starting the week can be hard.  But let’s change our minds and make it great.  So instead of being a sour puss like Garfield, lets embrace every new start.  Let’s look at monday as an opportunity for an amazing week!  Monday is the beginning, not the end.  Monday is the day we proclaim with our chins up, life is a blessing!  Today the magic begins!

Here are 3 tips to start your week right:

Drink lots of water.  Its getting warmer and its easier to get dehydrated.  Dehydration even in small doses can make your day uncomfortable and cumbersome.

Smile!  It costs nothing, its easy and it makes you look more beautiful and young.  A sincere smile is like the fountain of youth!

Shorten your screen time.  Put the phone away for at least an hour today.  Enjoy the simple things that don’t require technology.  Smell an orange, enjoy your meal, share face to face with those you love.  Make an effort to talk to somebody in person today.  Give someone a hug!  (Your child is a good candidate for both this things.)Human contact can elevate your spirits.


Enjoy  your week and celebrate monday!  Don’t waste your time being miserable, no good can come from it.  There is good all around you, savor every last bit :).


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