I wanna thrill ya like Michael…

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and found yourself smiling?  In my day-to-day chaos, sometimes I forget about the power of music.  Today I was reminded.  Driving back home from the store, tied up in my thoughts a song came on and brought me back to present time:).  I found myself wishing I could be dancing.  And dancing even if it is in your head can free your soul.  So  with my head swinging and a little shoulder action, my day was all sunshine.  Thanks MKTO

Your out my league
Old school Chic
Like a movie star from a silver screen

Your one of a kind,
Livin’ in a world gone plastic
Baby your so classic“


Ok,it’s no Tchaikovsky’s, but sometimes I just need to hear something more Michael.   I wish all of you can have a day that breaks from the gray.  I wish you feel like dancing, like smiling, like this moment is a gift and like “baby, you’re so classic”. 🙂

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