Happy Mothers Day


Madre Querid and me

Madre Querid and me

Today I feel profoundly blessed.  I have all I need and more.  I have a beautiful family, friends and health.  I am grateful for who I have become and all that has led me here.  But today I am especially grateful to my Madre Quedida.

I have known love in many shapes and forms.  But I have never experienced love so unconditional as that from my mom.  For every accomplishment and mistake has been celebrated.  Because I have always been perfect in her eyes (and she’s been telling me since I was little so I know its true 🙂  );  I am the conquer it all woman I am today.

My mami is my inspiration. I hope I can be as wonderful of a mom to my kids.

I have met and loved many moms.  I am always amazed by their love and determination, because they always try their hardest to be everything their children need.  But  a special note has to go to my beloved grandmas and Noni.

My grandma Ceci was a second mother to me in every way you can imagine, and she  is the highest example of strength I know.  As a child I knew she would be there for me no matter what.  And she would feed me the delicious things my parent’s wouldn’t :).  My abuelita Maria always had a flare for drama, and her love for the arts is forever ingrained in me.  Plus she gave me my mom, what a gift!

My mother in law, Noni, has been a mother to me since the day she met me.  I have never known anyone so generous and easy to love.  Now she is a super grandma to my kids.  The gift of her support and love is priceless and I never imagined I would be so lucky  as to become a daughter to her.

I know we all have mothers and, hopefully, we love them to pieces.  So I don’t think it necessary to explain how crucial they are in our lives. They gave birth to us, for starters, talk about being pivotal to our existence.  I only want to say, thank you for ever.  Thank you for gifting your children with life.  Thank you for the relentless love.  Thank you for the sleepless nights.  Thank you for all the patience explaining a:”but why?!” a gazillion times.  Thank you for pouring yourselves into your child.  Thank you for all the things that go unsaid or unnoticed.  Thank you because of you this is a beautiful place for all.

Mothers are the most amazing creatures.  Their love, beauty and strength know no end. So if you are lucky enough to have become a mother (pets included 🙂 congratulations!  You are powerful.  You are beautiful.  And most importantly you are loved!

Happy mother’s day to all my fellow warriors, may your life be as extraordinary as you have made your child’s.






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