The real cost of cheap food

As the chronic disease epidemic worsens, I wonder if Americans will ever see the obvious root to the problem.  I am no research expert but with the reign of our “Fast Food Nation”  an array of preventable disease and medical expenses seems to reach an all time high.  As society gets programmed to see fast foods as the solution to  our busy schedules we are loosing our health and our money.

Cooking used to be something we could share and enjoy with our loved ones.  Recipes would be learned and passed over generations.  Having our families at our dinner table used to be an important tradition.  It strengthened our bonds and our bodies.  It saddens me to see this important staple of our culture slowly fading away.  Why are we allowing this to happen?  At the cost of our health, families and so much more!

You can fill a book with excuses, those are always easy to find.  But in the end it is up to us to return to our kitchens and set the table.  It is up to us to teach our children about the importance of the family meal.  The importance of cooking and taking the time to nourish ourselves.

You decide what is more important when you are managing your schedule.  I for one try to make this a priority in our household, and I have to tell you, it pays off.  I am not trying to brag, I honestly don’t think its something to brag about.  I am trying to make a point.

There is a new documentary that touches on this subject, its called “Ingredients”.  If you have Amazon Prime you can watch it for free!  If not they are offering free screenings till april 25, you can use this link.



“The American food system is nearing a state of crisis. Ingredients is a documentary that explores the failings of the industrial food model, and how the local food movement is gaining momentum as a far better alternative. The film presents a refreshing look at food from the standpoint of sustainability, safety, flavor, nutrition, culture, and community.

The current system, focused on cheap convenience foods, is costing Americans dearly. Most Westerners have lost their primal connection to food. Mealtimes used to be savored and shared with others.

Food preparation is now typically viewed as a chore that interferes with other “more important” activities. This detachment from food represents a cultural “disconnect” between humans and the earth, to the detriment of both. It’s time for radical changes to our modern food paradigm, which is the subject of this uplifting documentary.”  Dr. Mercola

I invite you to take a look.  It might change your opinion about food, eating and all it means.  For yourself, for your family, for those you love dearly, let’s get cooking!  You can do it!



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