Dinnerware, what’s in your plate?

Lately it’s dawned on me that I live in my kitchen.  Like most moms I spend a large portion of the day there.  Preparing meals, snacks, cleaning, etc.  It’s like I am the kitchen.  You might think this is a little sad, but I am an optimist (most of the time).  So chins up, ladies!  It is time for our kitchens to be in as good a shape as we are, or want to be.  Let’s clean up our kitchens!

I’ve been taking small steps to make my kitchen and dinner table are as free of toxic chemicals as possible.  I started with using the least amount of processed ingredients in my food.  Then I started to choose organic when ever possible.  I have been eliminating cleaners with harsh chemicals in them.  Now, I have decided to ban plastic.  You might think I am a bit paranoid, but honestly, I feel like I am protecting my family and myself.

So, why ban plastic?  The chemicals used to make plastic or melamine plates, utensils, cups and other food processing materials can leak into our foods.  While some will argue that there is not enough evidence to sustain that these chemicals can cause serious harm, I say why even risk it?  There are studies showing phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) can disrupt endocrine function.  Some of these chemicals could also have cancer causing qualities.  So again, why risk it?

If you have kids chances are you have some of those cute melamine plates they sell at target.  I had a few myself.  If you can,  I encourage you to get rid of those.  I know it’s tempting when you see a cute plastic plate with your kids favorite character on it, and they are so cheap! But think about the possibility of accidentally adding chemicals into your kids meals, you will find it easier to walk away from that plate.

The solution is quite simple.  Just use the same plates you use for yourself.  Anything glass, ceramic, wood or stainless steel is safe.  If you are like me thou, you probably enjoy serving your kids in cute little things :). So, if you are searching for adorable plates that are safe here are a few suggestions.



Fred and Friends



H&M plate






Stainless steel bowls



Moo Moo Bowl – Funny Cow China Breakfast Cereal Serving Bowl


Seriously, aren’t those super cute!  I won’t lie  I’m a sucker for pretty or cool tableware, but my family’s health comes first.  So in conclusion, I have just given you a great excuse to go shopping!  🙂


If you are interested here is more information about the dangers of plastic in food>

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