Today I noticed something about myself. My lips are mostly in a straight line.  I mean literally.  If I was to snap a picture of my face at any given time chances are I would have a serious, perhaps even severe expression.  Honestly I don’t look that good that way.  And since I hate a bad pictures, I have decided to make an active effort to change that. So next time I get photographed by the paparazzi I have smile that will make me look my best :).  I invite you to do the same, when ever you catch yourself with that serious face that makes you look and feel so tense, switch it up!

If you are having a bad day,  just try to see all the blessings and beauty in your life.  There is always something wonderful to be grateful for, show it with a smile!

To help you out I will start posting pictures that might inspire you to smile or at least think of something good.  I will do this without any more warnings so prepare to be surprised any time 🙂  Now take a look at this little gem…


"Is this photobombing?!"

“Is this photobombing?!”

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