Leading with love

Recently I was chatting with a dear friend.   We were wondering if there used to be this much indifference in the world when we were kids.  It seems there has always been an abominable amount. But back then that ugliness did not exist in our hearts, so our eyes did not see it.  Now we see it.   Now we feel it.

And when the injustice it too big, we all wonder how we could possibly make a difference.  I think perhaps we should start with us.  It might be a cliché, but you know clichés come from repetition and repetition is kind of like a confirmation, so in conclusion I am right 🙂 kidding.  But seriously, if we can not see that every decision we make shapes our universe then we are truly blind.

What is the right decision?  I don’t know.  But I know as long as I have a place in this planet I have the opportunity to make it better.  Every day I am fortunate.  Every day I get to make choices.  And in the light of all the pain I see today I would like to lead with kindness.  Kindness always makes a difference.

I am not a kid anymore, but that doesn’t mean my heart can’t be filled with joy.  Because for all the ugly there is beauty beyond compare.  Things are not perfect, but I am not going to be blinded by fear of imperfection.  I rather be blinded by love; irrational, warm and fuzzy love.  And every day I will try for my actions to be led by that love.  That is something I can do and I can teach my children to do.  So if I see you and hug you, don’t freak out.  If I compliment you, know that I mean it.  And know that I know there is love in your heart also.  I encourage you to do the same, I love hugs :).  We could provoke a love epidemic!

In conclusion  I would like to get super cheesy (because what I said before wasn’t cheesy enough) and remind you that there is a little light inside all of us, so for the sake of mankind, let it shine, let it shine let it shine :).

love me some Keith Haring :)

love me some Keith Haring 🙂