To all the Captain Mami’s out there!

The day my sweet Lucas called me: “aye, Captain Mami!”  at the tender age of 3 he  started a fire inside my belly.  He reminded me of the blessing it was to be his mom and the great responsibility that came with it.  He awoke inextinguishable strength in me. To this day, in my most desperate hour I can dig deep and find the Captain in me.  I’m sure a lot of women out there can understand when I say, I will always fight for the wellbeing of my children.  I will never stop caring for them and I will always hold myself accountable for their health.

A word of caution, your kids health and happiness  is linked to yours.  Ladies, we have to start taking better care of ourselves.  Treat yourself with unconditional love and respect and that will transfer to your family.  I would like to invite you to take this journey with me.  I invite you to make small changes everyday in the right direction.  Inform yourself and create a better, healthier and happier life for you and those you love dearly.  After all, you are the captain and your ship is going nowhere without you!

Take charge my friend,  you can do it!