Amazing Sauerkraut

Ladies let’s dish the rice cereal for once and for all!  Contrary to popular belief, rice cereal is one of the poorest choices for baby’s first foods.

Baby’s first food should be rich in fat, cholesterol, protein, iron and zinc; just like breast milk!  I started both my kids on egg yolks.  Soon after their first foods at around 7 months babies are ready for another magnificent and super nutritious food, fermented!  Fermented foods contain lactic acids, enzymes and probiotics which are great for the digestive system.  It is easy on their young gut and it makes it stronger.

So today Lucas and I prepared Marcos some “Stupendous Sauerkraut”.  I got this recipe form a wonderful book called Super Nutrition for Babies, I highly recommend it.  Since it was our first try I cut the recipe in half.

What you need (for whole recipe):

organic cabbage

organic cabbage

4 cups of finely chopped or grated cabbage

2 tablespoon of whey ( I used mommy whey*, from my breast milk)

2 teaspoon of celtic sea salt

Adorable assistant is optional :)

Adorable assistant is optional 🙂


Mix all ingredients in mason jar and pack tight.

Fill with water leaving at least 1 inch on top of jar.

This is half the recipe

This is half the recipe

Seal and let it sit at room temperature for 3 days. Then transfer to fridge.

* Making mommy whey is super easy.  Set aside some breast milk in small mason jar (or container of choice), close tightly, let sit on fridge for 2 days.  It will separate to cream on top and whey on bottom.  Remove the cream and what is left is the mommy whey :).


Ok, I’ll report in 3 days once the sauerkraut is ready and Marcos has tasted it.  Till then, stay tuned and healthy!