Try harder



Today I was reading about the case of a 3-year-old, 77-pound Houston girl diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  Three years young!!!!  I know there are many things in this world that build us up and many others that break our heart.  I am heartbroken. 

As I wonder about the circumstances that landed an innocent toddler in this predicament I need to speak up.  I need to say those things that are taboo in parent world.  And for the sake of our kids I hope some will listen up.

What we put in our children’s plate, lunch box, schools, sight, hands and ultimately in their mouths will make or break them.  I know it can be difficult but we need to try harder.  We need to make this a priority.  We need to stop with the excuses and try harder.

It is not harmless to allow your child to have sodas or juices every other day.  It is not harmless to offer donuts for breakfast on a regular basis.  It is not harmless to celebrate every milestone with a buffet of sweet treats and junk food.  These things have a very negative impact in our children’s well-being.  And these are the things we are teaching them.

I know every child is different.  I know every family is different.  I know it is up to each parent or care giver to raise their child as they see fit.  But I also know we are grossly underestimating the impact a poor diet has on our youth and their future.  I am reminded of this everyday by cases like the one of this toddler who suffered from type 2 diabetes and the many children that are about to follow suit.

If you think your children are exempt from this fate, think again.  We are in the brink of watching this generation suffer from poorer health and shorter lives than the previous.

As I look at my two beautiful boys my heart if filled with love, joy, hope and sadness.  Sadness for all the things I won’t be able to protect them from.  Sadness for all the times they will suffer and I won’t be able to prevent it.  I am sad because I can not guarantee their lives will be without pain.  Yes sometimes looking at my children I feel sad, but you know what else I feel?  Determination

I am determined to take charge of the things I can take charge of in order to give then a leg up.  I am determined to help them build a healthy body, mind and spirit.  I am determined to show them they can also take charge.  I am determined to be the adult they need me to be so they have a chance to become the adult they are destined to be.

Today I respectfully and lovingly urge you to do the same.  Because you can.  Because it is worth it.  Because it matters.  All the frustration, headaches, preparation and  time will pay off.  For all the effort you relentlessly put every day of being a parent I applaud you.

So when you feel like you just can’t do anymore, do more.  When you feel you just can’t do it, do it.  When you think it’s a lost battle, try harder and fight for your child.  Because nothing is worse than the heartbreak of a sick child.


Nourish our minds, nourish our bodies

Nutrition is one of those subjects that always seem to lead to debate and controversy. I think that is wonderful. Because, and this has nothing to do with nutrition perse, it is important that we question ourselves and others in order to grow and learn.

It is important to know nutrition is a field of constant discovery. New nutrients are found all the time and their effect in our bodies is an ongoing learning process. Having said that, there is no question that nutrition plays a crucial role in our health. Without proper nutrition health is not possible, at least not in an optimal way.

Nutrition is important to all of us, but it is especially important to children. Why? Because it is intrinsically involved in every aspect of their growth and development. From a strong immune system to brain development our cells need nutrients to function properly.


Lucas teaches Marcos how to juice.

Lucas teaches Marcos how to juice.

For this reason education about nutrition is pivotal to our kids overall wellbeing and future health. Here are a few simple aspects of nutrition that you and your kids can share and explore.

The food our kids eats now will have a lasting impact on their health now and as adults. Eating well is a learned habit. So be mindful of the foods your child is exposed to on a regular basis. The choices they are offered are important because, not only will they provide or not provide proper nutrition, they will learn to eat based on those choices.

Nutrients work in synergy. Protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can only work in certain combinations. A whole food contains in itself the nutrients required for the use of those specific nutrients. So in order to get the best out of your foods it’s important to eat a variety of whole foods.

A calorie is not a calorie. What I mean by this is that depending on the source, calories will have a different effect on our bodies. Calories coming from nutrient rich sources help us stay healthy and satiated. For example a banana contains about 100 calories, just like one of those 100 calorie packs of cookies. But unlike that 100 calorie pack a banana is also a natural source of potassium, magnesium, folate, vitamin a and vitamin C.


The nutrient content of food is linked to that foods source. So questioning where our food comes from is a healthy thing to do. Whether is was cultivated in nutrient rich soil or raised in a factory farm, knowing were our food comes from not only gives us a better idea of how nurturing it is but will also help us form a connection with it. This is very important.


Preparing our own meals is an important tradition. In our fast food nation it can be rare to prepare meals from scratch. Loosing this tradition would be of great detriment to all. It is important we teach our younger generation to keep it alive. Preparing a meal from fresh ingredients is not only beneficial to our health but to our family values and traditions. Sharing recipes and teaching our kids how to prepare them will help strengthen your bonds as a family and will create a deeper connection to what we eat.



Nutrition is not only about its scientific components but about nourishment. And nourishment is the root of health.


Green Smoothie


My two year old Marcos is not as much a lover of the green veggies as Lucas is.  I won’t lie it has been a little frustrating  but with a little experimenting I found a way to introduce him to these flavors and nutrients.  Today I would like to share the recipe for a super simple green smoothie that has become a staple in our home.  This 4 ingredient smoothie is rich in antioxidants and a good source of potassium and calcium.



1 banana

3-4 cups of spinach

juice of 1 lemon

1 cup of water


Throw all  in a blender and done.  It makes about 2 1/2 cups.  The perfect amount to share with your little :).





A better way to lunch



It’s that time of the year when we send our minions back to school.  Many things are done in preparation to this day.  Shopping, packing, counseling…the list is different for each family :).

What ever your family’s ritual is there is one thing almost no parent can escape, the lunch box.

On average a child’s packed school lunch produces 67 lbs of waste a year.  That’s a colossal 18,000 pounds of waste a year for one school!  It takes  a lot of  money and resources to clean that mess up.  This has a huge impact.    We are filling our land with junk and making it difficult for our and future generations to enjoy this planet.

 On the positive side making a huge impact, in a good way, is as simple as using reusable gear. One little act of kindness to good old mother earth is as easy as using a reusable sandwich bag instead of a disposable one.  It’s not hard, it’s not expensive, it is responsible and it is kind.

I did a little research and found . This website has lots of alternatives, from stainless steel containers to silicon bento boxes it is not hard to find the eco-friendly vessel that suits your family’s budget and needs.  If you are into removing as much plastic from your day-to-day as possible Life Without Plastic has some good options, plus a lot of information about green sourcing.

And if you need some ideas of how to fill that bento box with some tasty and healthy treats check out

Talk to your child about how this simple act creates a positive ripple effect.  Share the Green Quiz Q and A.

Let’s show our kids that our actions matter and that a simple act can have monumental impact.




I’m Baaack :)

It has been a long time since my last post.  It seem’s like as soon as I got a little glimpse of summer I had to drop everything and devote myself to the promise of warm days in the sun.

So let me catch you up.  I have been studying a lot, celebrating my children’s birthdays (by the by they are growing way too fast), enjoying family visits, soaking in the sun, freezing my bum in forever-cold kiddie pools, staring at the ocean, driving myself crazy trying to entertain and educate the boys, loving, stressing, making plans, changing my mind, driving myself crazy 🙂  and breathing inn every bit of warmth I can.

It has been a wonderful summer and I am suffering from severe attachment to it.  “Hello my name is Ixiana and I am a summerholic.”  I am dead serious, if I get a caressed by a breeze lower than 80 degrees I’m afraid I will go into full panic mode.  I know, I know that is ridiculous.  I know nothing lasts for ever (except my love for my kids and there is no way you can convince me otherwise), I know letting go is the only way to live in peace.  I know all these things, and more yet here I am freaking out.

This made me think of all the things we know yet can’t seen to apply.  Like if we don’t fold the laundry as soon as it’s done it will sit there for a week or until some one runs out of underwear.  Yet I can’t bring myself to fold it when that annoying drier alarm goes off.   So what’s the point of knowing so much if we can’t bring ourselves to action?  As a stubborn, fairly educated, strong woman I can’t use ignorance as an excuse, at least not today.

So in the midst of this irrational fear of saying good bye to summer I have decided to start using my knowledge for good.  Today I am challenging myself to live in the moment; a challenge I am constantly challenging myself with :).  I am challenging myself to let go of things I can’t control (like the seasons) and take control of those I can.

I am going to go about my precious life studying a lot, celebrating my children, enjoying family, soaking in the sun, freezing my bum in forever-cold kiddie pools, staring at the ocean, driving myself crazy trying to entertain and educate the boys, loving, stressing, making plans, changing my mind, driving myself crazy 🙂  and breathing inn every bit of warmth I can.  After all, there is the promise of summer every year.

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Beautiful Skin

IMG_4207   IMG_4204


I have said it before and I will say it again, I am vain.  What ever, nobody is perfect.  I grew up surrounded by chauvinism and beauty queens.  I grew up uncomfortable in my skin and longing for the day I would wear a crown that would prove my worth to the world.  I studied the pages of beauty magazines and did my best to mimic what I saw.  In the end I was always disappointed in myself.  I could never achieve the golden standard for beauty or the ultimate seal of approval.  It was exhausting.  Now I know it was ridiculous.  Now I know I am a beauty queen in my own right.  What did I tell you yesterday, with age hopefully comes wisdom :).  Ladies let’s not pass on this ridiculous idea of beauty to our children and the never-ending supply of products that come with it.  Let’s teach our children that beauty really comes from within.  Beauty roots itself from our strength, kindness and confidence.  And for those who are a little vain, like me, know that you don’t need any expensive beauty product to look healthy and glowing.


I am very careful about the things I put in my body and my skin is no exception.  Our skin is our first line of defense and we should treat it with respect and kindness :).  Harsh, questionable and toxic chemicals do not belong in your body.  There is no reason to have them in your beauty products.  There are so many  natural and nourishing alternatives to pricey department store potions.  Frankly I don’t see why we should support the cosmetic industry with it’s half truths and shady products and practices.  Everyday I see beautiful women fall victim to the “beauty industry” and it breaks my heart.  Ladies we are smart, powerful and beautiful!   Anyho… Yesterday I talked about my healthy skin eating habits.  Today I would like to share with you my topical skin care go-to’s.


In my beauty cabinet

In my beauty cabinet


1. Coconut Oil.  My husband makes fun of me because he says I think I can heal anything with a little coconut oil.  While that is not 100% accurate I do love coconut oil.  I eat it, I use it in my teeth, my hair and my skin.  Coconut oil has moisturizing, anti-bacterial and nourishing properties.  I use it as a skin moisturizer and for washing my face.  As a nightly face wash I rub a small amount on my face, massage it and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  Then I use a cloth with warm water and place it on my face to open up my pores.  The coconut oil absorbs impurities.  I repeat the cloth over my face about three times and then I wipe the remaining oil of.  And no pimples ladies, in case you are wondering.  Here are some other great ideas.


2. Rose water.  I use rose-water as a toner.  It has astringent properties.  You can use it on its own or mix with a little witch hazel to create a refreshing and gentle yet powerful tonic.  You can also mix rosewater with distilled water and a little glycerine for a rejuvenating mist.


3.  Clay.  Twice a week I make an all natural mud mask to deeply clean my pores.  I use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay.  I mix half a spoonful of clay with one spoonful of rosewater or green tea.  I apply with a brush, and leave on for 10 minutes.  Then I rinse with a cloth gently.


4.  Soft brush.  I use a facial brush (like this one ) on a daily basis to gently exfoliate my skin. It’s a good way to start the day for a little skin pick me up.


5.  Konjac Sponce.  This one I use for washing my face daily.  It gently exfoliates and removes dirt without having to use a face cleanser.


6. Almond oil.  I love almond oil as an all over skin moisturizer.


7.  Vitamin C serum.  As an alternative to expensive skin serums I use vitamin C.  Vitamin C serum is rich in antioxidants and is easily absorbed by your skin, and no nasty chemicals.


8. 100% Pure Cosmetics.  This is my go-to brand for  make-up.   “Pure products are truly 100% pure: no synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, harsh detergents or any other unhealthy toxins”.  Im sold, and I like their products, they smell and feel delicious on my skin.


9.  My guilty pleasure.  About a year ago my amazing mother in law gave me a skin moisturizer from a local company called Mac’s Smack.  With only 10 (all natural and readable) ingredients, it was love at first sight.  I LOVE  Your Best Skin moisturizer.  It is a little pricey at $28 but, like I said,  a guilty pleasure.  Besides my mother in law took notice of how much I liked it and has kept me stocked.  I know, I know I am one lucky lady.


Aside from these wonderful products I like to experiment with natural face masks etc.  You could try yogurt and lemon, muddled cucumber and avocado or raw sugar and coconut oil.  There are so many possibilities for beautiful, healthy skin the sky is the limit.  For wonderful recipes you can check my favorite skin care book ( I should get paid for this lol)  Holistic Beauty from the Inside Out by  Julie Gabriel.  You can always consult the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep site for ratings on your beauty products, they even have an app.

Beauty does come from within.   But for beautiful, healthy skin I say dish the hormone disrupting, bank breaking beauty products and welcome nature into your beauty cabinet.




Nourish your skin

I recently turned 38, good times.  One of the benefits of growing up is that we hopefully get wiser.  Every year I get a little more pro-age is only a number and make a commitment to take better care of myself.  After all I’m the only me I got :).  This year I decided to take better care of my skin.

I know the best way to care for my skin is to nourish it, from the inside.  Everything I eat or drink has a direct impact on my skins health.  As usual, I have adopted my “take charge” motto and the healthy skin regime is in effect :).  Today I would like to share with you some of my top rules for feeding my skin.  I am not going to talk about topical solutions today.  The following tips are for feeding your skin from the inside.  Keep in mind everybody’s regimen will be different, you have to find what is best for you.


1.  Avoid added sugars, if possible eliminate them from your diet.  Yes our body runs on glucose, but our body transforms proteins, carbohydrates and fats into glucose as needed.  Added sugars have no nutritional value, but they do act as anti-nutrients.  They stress our liver and pancreas and act as toxins.  They cause inflammation, disrupt our hormones and stress our system.


2.  Drink plenty of water.  How much?  That depends on your unique make and needs.  You can start with six 10 oz glasses a day.  I function best at about 8 glasses a day.  I drink most of them by 5 pm, and don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to go use the rest-room.  I like to start my day with a glass of warm water with lemon, it stimulates digestion and gives me a boost of antioxidant vitamin C.


3. Eat lots and various vegetables. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants.  Fruits are also wonderful just eat more vegetables than fruit, because fruits can contain lots of fructose.  I am not saying eating fruits is bad, not at all, just eat more vegetables than fruit on a regular basis.  How many? at least 6 to 7 servings a day and fruit juice, tomato sauce or fried potatoes don’t count!


4.  Don’t be scared of saturated fats.  Saturated fats are important for a number of reasons, one being healthy skin.  Fats like those found in coconut oil(with great anti-microbial properties) and healthy animal products are nourishing.  I am not suggesting you eat a stick of butter a day, but including some saturated fats to our diet is greatly beneficial.  I know this goes against the fat-free campaign but I can say with confidence this campaign is boloney.


5. Increase dietary collagen.  While there are plenty of foods that support collagen production I like to include foods that have collagen in them.  My main collagen source is gelatin. I costume it through bone broths and a high quality gelatin.  Bone broths are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and collagen.  I have them on a regular basis.  For supplementing I use Great Lakes Gelatin, I use about a spoonful a day mixed in with my tea, warm lemon water or probiotic drink.  I highly discourage anybody from  fruit flavored gelatin products loaded with sugars, artificial colorings and chemicals, even if they are organic.  Jell-O treats do not count!


6. Include anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s in your diet.  You can eat fatty fish, like salmon (wild caught), on a weekly basis.  You can also supplement with flax-seed or high quality fish oils.  I take fermented cod liver oil every day and have seen my hair, skin and nails improve significantly.  I use Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil.


7.  A little evening primrose oil.  Ok, so this one I use because I was suffering from itchy skin.  Evening primrose oil is rich in Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) an essential fatty acid that can work as an anti-inflammatory.  It is sometimes used to treat eczema.


8. Probiotics.  In order to have beautiful skin you must have a healthy gut.  A healthy gut will handle well detoxification so your skin has less detoxing to worry about. The best sources of probiotics are fermented or cultured foods.  I like to make my own sauerkraut, sour dough bread and kefir water.  You can also get them from a high quality supplement.  I use Dr. Mercola’s  probiotic packs.

My skin supplements :)

My skin supplements 🙂


There’s lots of great information out there to help you make the choices that are right for you.  I love the book Holistic Beauty from the Inside Out .  As always I encourage you to do your research and experiment.  Have fun and eat yourself beautiful!


Fats are not the enemy

Today I would like to openly state my rage against a campaign based on faulty research and greed.  For a while now I have been suspicious about low fat diets and their supposed health benefits.  As our society suffers from an all time high in chronic disease, including obesity, hearth disease and diabetes I wonder how we got here.

Here is a tiny little bit of history.  In the 1950’s America was facing a health epidemic. Cardio Vascular Disease, rarely seen before the 30’s, had become one of the leading causes of death.  As doctors desperately seeked for an answer a man called Ancel Benjamin Keys blamed saturated fats.  His research paper  titled the Seven Countries Study supposedly proved the correlation between saturated fats and heart disease. The study has been surrounded with controversy since the beginning.  It is argued that the final data was “Cherry Picked” (which means it was selectively picked in order to support Keys theory). But as usual economic interests got the best of the situation.  The American Heart Association jumped on the bandwagon and the rest is history.

Now keep in mind that the AHA was basically launched by Procter & Gamble, the maker of Crisco oil.  ” In 1948, P&G made the AHA the beneficiary of the popular “Walking Man” radio contest, which the company sponsored. The show raised $1.7 million for the group and transformed it (according to the AHA’s official history) from a small, underfunded professional society into the powerhouse that it remains today.”  states  Nina Teicholtz in the “Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease“.   So it is no wonder that their dietary guidelines included the radical reduction of saturated fats and the inclusion of  vegetable oils .  This happened in spite of other medical opinions.  Dr. Dudley White  noted that the increase of hearth disease coincided with the increased consumption of vegetable oils and hydrogenated fats!  His opinion was that Americans should stick to traditional foods and avoid these oils.  But by this point mayor industries where already behind the saturated fats theory.  Skip to present times,  the hearth disease epidemic is rampant and so is obesity and a myriad of other diseases.  Trans-fats, like those found in vegetable oils,  oil spreads and baked goods, have been recognized as a mayor contributor to heart disease.  The same fats that once where deemed good for you have been destroying our health.  Yet Americans are still advised to use these oils and follow a diet low in fats.  So what gives?

Please keep in mind that once upon a time cigarettes where marketed as good for you, and approved by doctors!


Today I am not going to go into details about the benefits of saturated fats in our diet. Healthy saturated fats from good sources, such as those in butter, eggs, coconut oil and healthy animals support our digestive, nervous and immune system.  Fats do not make you fat.  Healthy fats nourish your body.  A diet low in fat leads to malnutrition, cravings, obesity and many health problems. If you would like to know more about the subject  visit  Eat Fat Loose Fat, I highly recommend it.  You can also find more on saturated fats here.

Today I would like to invite you to do a little digging.  I would like to invite you to use critical thinking and maybe depart from dogmatic or blind faith.  Could it be possible that  the AHA and their board of businessmen was wrong about saturated fats?  Could it be possible that  your great-grandparents cooking with lard instead of canola oil was one of the factors heart disease wasn’t an epidemic back then?  Could it be possible that traditional cultures had it right all along?  Even if you disagree with me I would just like to open the debate.   The decision to avoid fats like the plague should be based on your personal experiences and research.

I have witnessed family and friends struggle with weight and health issues and sadly low or fat-free diets don’t seem to help.  I have seen loved ones suffer from a number of diseases raging from diabetes to dementia brought on by a low fat, high sugar diet.   From my personal experience I can say that a diet rich in healthy fats, including saturated fats, has lead me to my ideal weight, good health and emotional well being.  You will never see me ask for an egg white omelet and a cup of fat-free yogurt.  I will take bacon and eggs over a bowl of cereal and low-fat milk every time.  I know this is a personal decision.  I also know the same diet does not work for everyone.  But I also know that substituting healthy fats (saturated included) for refined carbohydrates and diet drinks is a recipe for poor health.

As always I wish you health and wisdom.  Health is a journey of constant discovery.  It is a precious gift that only you can gift yourself.




The Hero is You

I recently had the joy of celebrating another year in this planet.  I have to say, even with all the loss, it has been a wonderful year. I have said goodbye to two creatures I deeply loved and this reminded me that life is now.  Every day IS an opportunity to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.  Yes there are obstacles, confusion, heartbreak and pain, but there is also opportunity.  You are the protagonist, hero or victim, it’s all up to us.  I choose hero on this adventure.

I am not much into New Year’s resolutions but this year I promised myself I would take care of me.  It wasn’t a challenge, it was a reminder.  A reminder that life is what we make it and that I wanted to make mine the best for me and my kids.  I want my children to feel and be the best they can be.  That means I have to feel and be the best I can be.  Lead by example right?

So I have made changes.  Slowly but surely I have taken the steps to a more radiant me.  Today I can say I am happy in my skin and it shows.  You might be thinking I am bragging.  I’m not.  Like you I am human.  Some turns take me to a dark alley and some to fields of gold.  I don’t always make the best choices,but I am working on it.  Every day I open my eyes and am able to move and live I am working on it.  I have decided to see the best and worst in me and cultivate only the best.  And every day I look at myself and think, girl you are awesome (this helps:).

We are all different and our paths are like our DNA.  So I just want to say, rejoice!  Unlike it was thought of in the past, our DNA is constantly changing!  That is correct, our DNA adjust to the information it receives from us. So if every  building block in our body can make changes, so can we.

The changes or choices we make will be unique to each one of us and that is something we have to figure out.  I have lots of tips that can help, that’s what this blog is about.  Today I will give you one, be the hero.  Look at yourself and see your worth.  To become a hero the first and most crucial step is to acknowledge that you are indeed, not only capable of, worth greatness.

Now go kiss yourself, you’re so pretty 🙂 !



The Power of Change

There is nothing I love more in this world than my children.  Every time I look at those love nuggets I thank my lucky stars.  I am grateful that they are perfect in every way.  And I am thankful for every moment they are granted the gift of childhood.  This wonderful time when they look at the world fearlessly, full of wonder, kindness and joy.   Sadly not every child is granted this gift.

Today I would like to bring a little awareness to our adult world.  I will try to keep it short and as light as possible.

Valentines day is approaching and  with it perhaps the biggest selling holiday for the chocolate industry.  Every year millions of people stock up on chocolate treats that will be shared with loved ones as tokens of affection.  The sentiment is noble, but in most cases the sources are not.

Let me be perfectly clear, most chocolate sold in your local store source from farms that use child labor.   These are a huge contributing factor to child trafficking in some continents like Africa.  Popular brands like Hershey’s and M&M Mars are NOT fair trade companies.  These huge companies have taken their time and have been involved in child labor for years.  I will never understand how this is ok.  I will never understand how it is ok to keep exploiting children in the name of business.  And I will never knowingly be a part of it.  A lot of people have worked very hard to expose this injustice and change is on it’s way.  Some day things will be different and fair, we can be a part of that.

I know none of us would ever knowingly support this type of scenario and that is why I share this information.  I am not here to judge you.  I am not here to tell you what to do.  I am here to rely this information because it is the least I can do.  Please understand that every time you purchase a bag of M&M’s, Kisses or any other non fair trade chocolate you are involved.  Our choices matter.

We do not need chocolate to express our love.  Love is something we share with our actions.  This valentine’s day I encourage you to love with your actions and not with tainted chocolate.  I encourage you to spread the word; in your community, your church, your family and friends.   Take action and feel the love ripple all over you and into this wonderful world.

Don’t worry, I’m not all gloom :). You don’t have to give up chocolate, there are responsible companies out  there that make delicious fair trade chocolate.  Alter Eco, Divine and Equal Exchange are some.  If you would like to give your valentine a chocolate treat shop responsibly and look for fair trade certified labels.  Here are a few links that can be useful in your journey to guilt free chocolate  Fair Trade USA and Food is Power.  You can also watch the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate.

Let’s be part of something positive.  Let’s be part of a movement that demands safety and freedom for all children.  Hopefully one day all children can enjoy the gift of childhood.


For more information:

The Chocolate Industry Exposed

Fair Trade USA

Raise the Bar